Fancy a cultural stay in Lille?
Book your two stars hotel in the city-center


Discover Lille, its history, culture, museums and stay at the Grand Hotel!

Located between the stations and the Grand Place, the Grand Hotel allows access quickly and easily to the main centers of cultural intêrets city.

To allow you to prepare your visits circuit, we inform you about current cultural events of the city, visiting hours etc. We also provide you with a computer to prepare your tour. WiFi also allows you to surf the Internet without limits.

In Lille, museums abound! Visit the Palace of Fine Arts, Hospice Comtesse, the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle or the Natural History and Geology Museum. In municipalities close accessible by metro or tram, do not miss the llama Villeneuve d'Ascq and the famous pool of Roubaix. A car range, visit the new Louvre-Lens museum worth visiting. Every Saturday, a shuttle bus also allows visiting this exceptional museum.

Lille's religious heritage is rich enough and several churches worth visiting starting with the Notre Dame de la Treille, the Church of St. Maurice, St. Stephen's Church, the Church of St. Andrew Church or St. Catherine.

Lille also offers beautiful fortifications that allow beautiful walks: Vauban Citadel, Paris Gate, the Gate of Ghent and the Porte de Roubaix.

Back at Grand Hotel, you can relax in one of 34 rooms carefully decorated and soundproofed regain strength before returning to town for future visits!